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Message from Goofy

William, Goofy, and Puffle

What a special treat to have a message from Goofy himself! While dad / Baba (Andy Boyns) was in Los Angeles earlier this year he met up with Bill Farmer, and brought this special message for me from Goofy…

Thanks Mr Farmer! Isn’t it great that we share the names William Robert – what […]

Did I learn how to swim?

Although there’s been lots of fun in the pool and the sea before our holiday in North Cyprus, swimming has always been accompanied by armbands… What you’re about to see is the first wonderful strokes to swimming freedom, and maybe a Gold medal in the 2020 Olympics!

Congratulations, William!!

Note William’s question at the end, […]

A Waltz, a Magic Dragon, and a Twinkling Star


Zehranur and William open the show

Last week saw William’s kindergarten class show at Üsküdar Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Primary School. Opening with a classic waltz, he went on to perform a short medley with his father (baba: Andy Boyns). Thanks to Ayşe, his teacher for sharing these clips…

William sings…

Watch out for the […]

It’s a Wonderful World (with William)

Happy Birthday, William!

Remarkably, William Boyns first appeared on the internet exactly six years ago… a day easy to remember as it was the day he was born! Remarkably this was before “social media” had really started: before the public launch of Facebook, and even the conception of Twitter. Even at birth, William was ahead of his time!