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Let’s get animated!!

It’s an exciting day, as this sees not only the public release of William’s first animated video, but also the creation of his very own YouTube channel. A big achievement for one so young! (8 years old next birthday!).

Rather than just take from the computer, hopefully William will develop this creative side, and although one dream of his is to create his own computer game, he’s making his start with the basics of animation.

It should be noted that although (in the role of Executive Producer!) Baba, a.k.a Andy Boyns made some suggestions and created the titling, the entire scenario you are about to see was in fact created by William himself, including the set, script, and rather cool camera pans. Thanks to Muvizu for creating such an intuitive program – one could almost say it’s child’s play to use!

It’s short and sweet, but what a terrific first animation project. Well done, William!

Thanks to all those who have offered their vocal talents for future projects – we look forward to seeing where this will go.

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