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It’s a Wonderful World (with William)

Remarkably, William Boyns first appeared on the internet exactly six years ago… a day easy to remember as it was the day he was born! Remarkably this was before “social media” had really started: before the public launch of Facebook, and even the conception of Twitter. Even at birth, William was ahead of his time!

It therefore seems appropriate to launch this site on the sixth anniversary, William’s sixth birthday. So, “Happy Birthday, William”

This site will complement William’s Facebook page (please head over and “Like” this too…) and you can see that content on this site, even if you don’t have a Facebook account! We have lots more to add here, however… so please be sure to come back soon.

[fpphotos id=233580160031674]

Check out the “World Leaders” album for messages from William’s first birthday (also on Facebook), and leave your message for sixth birthday below!

Meanwhile here’s a few pictures of early birthday celebrations to be getting on with!

Happy Birthday, William!

Happy cake! (with baba/dad: Andy Boyns & anne/mum: Ayşe Gül Boyns)



Armed and ready for the future!

3 comments to It’s a Wonderful World (with William)

  • […] his first birthday, several world leaders wrote to William to send their best wishes (Check these out – they’re genuine!)… now you can do the same, directly on his site! […]

  • Connie Mustang

    It is indeed a wonderful world with William! William, I am so proud to see that you now have a site that I can visit and keep up-to-date on all you are doing. It’s great that others can now see and hear what a fantastic job you do. As always, keep having fun with it. Your joy and excitement for voice work will bring the characters you portray to life, so keep up the good work.

    By the way, when is your birthday?

  • admin

    Thanks Connie! It’s great that the leader of the Reel Mustangs heard/herd was the first to comment. look forward to recording with you soon, and getting a post together we can share on both our sites 😉

    BTW Birthday today! This first post was actually published at 3am (Istanbul time), exactly six years…

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